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JIA Szechuan Food & Bar

Atlanta, Georgia

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Atmosphere and Service

During my visit to Ponce City Market, I was in search of something delicious, original, and new. I decided to stop by JIA Szechuan Food & Bar. I chose a comfortable bar seat that offered a good view of the restaurant. The bartender was friendly and made a recommendation from the menu. Eager to try something different, I opted for the recommended Hot & Numbing Crispy Beef.

Food & Value

The dish was served promptly and at the correct temperature. However, my positive comments end there. While the beef was indeed crispy, it was also exceedingly dry and lacked any sauce. It was mixed with greens and chilies, providing a decent spicy kick but remaining disappointingly dry. When I requested sauce, I was given soy sauce, duck sauce, and more spicy chili oil, which did little to improve the dish. The accompanying fried rice was devoid of vegetables and lacked flavor, prompting me to abandon it after a couple of bites. Additionally, the steamed broccoli I ordered on the side was bland and unseasoned.

Overall Experience

JIA Szechuan Food & Bar benefits from a prime location and a charming appearance at first glance. However, my overall experience was underwhelming. The total bill came to $27.48, including the beef, a $3.00 upcharge for the broccoli, fried rice, and tip. Spending nearly $30 for a meal as unsatisfactory as this felt unreasonable. If anyone has recommendations for better dishes at this establishment, I am open to suggestions. Unfortunately, the price did not align with the quality of the food.

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Table of Contents

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